Finance for Professionals

Skill-up on the fundamentals of finance.
Leave the course feeling like a finance insider!

Finance for Professional

Finance for Professionals by Syntegra-ESG, is an easy way to skill-up on the fundamentals of corporate financial governance, so you can weigh-in, oversee, and fulfill your due diligence responsibilities related to financial reports, capitalization, valuations etc., with confidence.

Class Size limited to 20 - we are focused on your learning. Secure these four main benefits now!

Finance for Professionals by Syntegra-ESG is led by Jean Pousson. Jean is an award-winning finance educator (UK Finance).  

Dr. Axel Kravatzky, Managing Partner of Syntegra-ESG, Vice-Chair of ISO/TC309 Governance of Organizations and the co-convener of ISO/TC309/WG1 which developing "ISO37000 Governance of Organizations - Guidance" will one of the guest presenters.


Leave our course feeling like a finance insider.  You will be able to confidently articulate key terms as well as read, understand and critique financial statements.


Be conversant at identifying common instances of fraud or financial improprieties.  Feel good about your ability to oversee the financial health of the organization that is in your charge.


Become an expert in the dynamics of common finance related governance structures (CFO, Audit Committees, etc.,), so you can understand financial roles and responsibilities and can impart your insights on what good governance should look like.


Confidently, weigh in on conversations about expansion, mergers and acquisitions. Have an organic understanding of financing options and their implications to company health. Know the meaning of capitalization and what proportion of your capital should be in the form of equity, debt, or bonds.

Enrollment is open - 13 SEPT 2021 - module 1!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is a series of 5 half-day (4h) online live tutorials supplemented with with live guest presentations, practical work, and coaching for those who desire it. 

All modules consist of a series of 45min session, with short breaks in between them. All modules include practical work to be completed before the tutorial. There are about two weeks in between each module to allow for learning and for some light tasks to be completed before the next one.

A multiple choice test is optional and this will be reflected in the certificate we issue.


Complete this course from the comfort of your home or office. Less travel is good for the environment, more cost effective, and offers greater flexibility.


You can review the recording of every module for 2 months. In this way you can re-enforce your learning and catch up in case you miss any of the live modules. 

Small Groups

Receive personal attention and meaningful interaction with our course faculty. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20.


Work with a cohort of peers. Learning is more effective when it is interactive and you can get answers to your questions along the way. 4 x 45min per module.


All participants who take part in the live classes will get to review their light preparatory work assigned for each module in class. 


All participants get personal  support to help with any technical or course related issues during office hours.

How will you benefit?

What are the learning objectives?

  • Competently read financial statements
  • Assess & monitor the financial health of an organization
  • Understand the finance related roles as part of the financial management and oversight system, their dynamics and how to effectively interact with them
  • Understand and assess financing options and approaches to valuation of a company
  • Understand and practice what core decisions directors and senior executives typically have to make but which are often left out in other similar courses


There are five live modules with practical work - individual and group work.


Module 1: Introduction to Finance and Accounting - 13 SEPT, 2021

  • Basic accounting principles e.g. accruals, going concern
  • Profit v cash
  • Depreciation and Amortisation
  • The key financial statements
  • How cost structures affect profit
  • The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow


Module 2: Assessing Financial Health - 23 SEPT, 2021

  • Assessment framework
  • Financial ratios
  • How professionals assess financial performance
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash flow analysis
  • EBITDA and Free Cash Flow
  • Cash burn  and debt capacity


Module 3: Finance for directors - 4 OCT 2021

  • Choosing a CFO
  • Duties and responsibilities of directors on finance matters
  • Components of a good finance strategy
  • Understanding the links between strategy and shareholder value
  • Assessing the performance of the finance function
  • Managing external advisers eg external auditors
  • The Audit Committee
  • The Board’s dashboard and reporting issues
  • Budgetary management


Module 4: Finance for directors - part 2 - OCT, 28, 2021

  • Cost of capital
  • Project Appraisal Techniques
  • Company valuation methodologies
  • Acquisition cases
  • Creative accounting


Module 5: Financing decisions - TBC  2021

  • Types of financing available
  • Capital structuring
  • Equity Listing or not
  • Investor relations issues
  • Dividend Policies
  • The Private Equity route
  • Raising bank loans. How banks assess loans


The following non-academic certificates will be issued by Syntegra-ESG's Tailored Governance Academy:

  • Certification of attendance
    participants who attend the entire course in person or by reviewing all the recordings
  • Certificate of completion
    participants who attend the entire course and complete all the assignments
  • Successfully passed
    The Certificate of Completion for participants who opt to take the multiple-choice quiz and answer more than 60% of the questions correctly will also state that they passed successfully

About The Course Faculty, Jean Pousson

Jean Pousson has twice been voted lecturer of the year for UK Finance, the professional body that oversees the asset finance industry.

Originally from Mauritius and having had a fifteen year career with Barclays Bank in South Africa in Retail and Corporate Banking, Jean emigrated to the UK in 1989 to take up a position as Assistant Corporate Director with D.C Gardner plc (Now part of Euromoney plc) responsible for banking and training consultancy internationally. 

 In a typical year Jean will interface about 600 directors and about 8 to 10 Boards working on various aspects of strategy and corporate governance. 

He is a regular speaker for Vistage, the San Diego based network of Chief Executives (the largest in the world) and has twice been voted lecturer of the year for UK Finance, the professional body that oversees the asset finance industry.

He has also held non-executive directorships and carried out a number of Board reviews and strategic assignments, and from November 2020 will run a cohort for the Financial Times’ (FT) Non-Executive Director programme.

Jean holds a B Comm. Degree from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, is a Chartered member of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa, obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Warwick Business School, and also holds the Institute of Directors’ Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction.

Since then he has conducted training and consultancy assignments in over 32 countries and is one of the lead consultants for the Institute of Directors in the fields of finance strategy and corporate governance.

Guest Presenters

At Syntegra-ESG we guide and advise you on how to tailor global good practice to your specific circumstances.  

Leslie Clarke - Founder and Managing Director of Murphy Clarke Financial Ltd

Murphy Clarke is a thoughtful financial institution. MCLF is a multi-family office, oriented towards its stakeholders, governed by a strong corporate purpose and delivering impactful solutions to its community.

Dr Axel Kravatzky - Managing Partner, Syntegra-ESG, Vice-Chair ISO/TC309 Governance of organizations

Axel is also

Co-Convenor and Editor of ISO 37000 Governance of Organizations

the Co-convenor of ISO/TC309/WG1 which is drafting ISO 37000 Governance of Organizations – the first international consensus standard on good governance. Founding Chairman of the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute, former member of the Board’s Examination and Awards Committee.

Here’s what people are saying about the course lecturer, Jean Pousson

It was excellent

Highly engaging speaker. Thoughtful observations clearly expressed

Excellent content

Amazing speaker. A pleasure to listen to. Excellent delivery

Get the best of both worlds:
online & live

Your career should not suffer because you never had the opportunity to get comfortable with finance. You are an expert in other domains - and that is why you are already on or aspiring to work with boards.

We have all been there and the only way through this is to get a solid foundation because even though finance is not everything, it is certainly a vital part of any organization.

Instead of searching on your own, or attending more general finance courses online, you are able to access and rely on this tried and tested material tailored to the  board level.

To be competent in a subject matter you need to have the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience. That is why you will received hand-picked reading materials, presentation slides, as well as opportunities to practice, and discuss with peers and your teacher Jean Pousson.

Shorter and less comprehensive courses than this one often cost more than $4000. However, we have put together special course pricing option.

We understand that you may be facing temporary foreign currency restrictions on your credit card. Please contact our country representatives below to explore alternative payment methods.

Pricing Plan

Core course

One Time Payment

  • Access to 5 Modules of Live Course
  • Preparation & Practice Materials
  • Group discussions and individual feedback
  • Access to All Modules
  • Certificate of Completion
Core course + PLUS

One Time Payment

  • Access to 5 Modules of Live Course
  • Preparation & Practice Materials
  • Group discussions and individual feedback
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Recordings of 5 Modules for 3 months
  • "Exclusive Access" membership on - the job portal for Governance Roles in the Caribbean    
  • 1 hour  private coaching call
CoRE Course

Three (3) monthly installments

  • Preparation, course slides, and practice materials
  • Access to 5 modules of live teaching
  • Group discussion and individual feedback
  • Personal access to recordings for 3 months
  • Certificate of completion

Three (3) monthly installments

  • Preparation, course slides, and practice materials
  • Access to 5 modules of live teaching
  • Group discussion and individual feedback
  • Personal access to recordings for 3 months
  • Certificate of completion
  • "Exclusivee Access" Membership on – the job portal for governance roles in the Caribbean
  • 1 hour personal coaching with course faculty Jean Pousson
  • Exclusive discounts: PLUS participants also receive exclusively discounted offers for additional courses

This course is for you if:

  • You are not a senior financial professional
  • You are working at the highest level in a company
  • You are a director of the company
  • You are an aspiring director
  • What is the course like?

  • 5 x 4h live online Zoom sessions
  • Light preparatory work to be handed in before sessions
  • Relaxed, comfortable, learning environment
  • Zoom sessions include group activities, opportunities to practice, ask questions, and get personal feedback
  • You will receive comprehensive course materials
  • Optional personal coaching
  • Optional multiple-choice test
  • Why invest in training from Syntegra-ESG?

    Our faculty is the best. They are truly passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring that you learn.

    They are trusted guides, advisors, and purpose Sherpas with visible track records, who have years of hand-on experience.

    Our faculty brings the subject matter to life, using a friendly, highly dynamic, and experiential approach, using relevant, contemporary examples.

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